Kind Words From Our Customers

At Ashland Fiber Network we are committed to providing a great product that is backed up by exceptional customer service. We love getting feedback from our customers, so please feel free to email us about your experience with Ashland Fiber Network.

I've been connected to AFN Internet for over a decade, enjoying super fast speeds, a reliable connection, friendly local customer service assistance, and super affordable rates. Ironically, I live in Ashland, one of the more affluent cities in Oregon. Yet my monthly Internet bill through AFN is $15 a month less than my friend's who lives in Portland. I'm saving $180 a year just by the fact I have AFN. Furthermore, I like that the money I spend with AFN stays in my community. — Mike

Thank you so much for helping us sort through our frustrating problems with the Internet connection. We so appreciate Dena's perseverance in sticking with it and her follow-through has been amazing!! She's a true gem! She's been a delight to work with and when she needed guidance or support, Chad was there for her. Thanks again, we're quite happy to be up and running smoothly.Joanne and George

I called AFN on Feb 3rd because I unexpectedly lost my Internet service. A technician named Dena came out and solved the problem within half an hour. (Turns out Charter had installed a filter that hampered data transmission). I was very impressed how quickly she assessed, diagnosed, and corrected the issue, while maintaining a high level of professionalism and friendliness. — Derek

 Thank you and your colleagues... I rate you 5 out of 5 for customer satisfaction. I really hope you all get overtime for that. Thank you again. Stephen

I'd like to thank Andy for coming out to my house last week and tracking down a cable modem problem that had been bugging me for some time.  He did thorough testing and a professional job repairing or replacing some questionable connections in the incoming cable line.  The modem has been stable ever since the line repair. Again, many thanks to Andy. — Paul

I just wanted to say thank you for the new upgraded service. It is much faster and if it is as reliable as it is fast everyone will be happy.  Thanks for the prompt service and your installer, Andy was great! Paul

 I am very glad to live in a place that has an AFN.  I know there have been many bumps in AFN's road... The experience I just had with two city councilors responding to my email, connecting me to a high level AFN manager, and having the conversation reaffirms why I have been glad all along that we do have AFN.  If I had been dealing with Charter none of this would have happened.  No one would have cared... I know it is quite rare for a town this size to have an infrastructure like AFN. To me there is something about it that is quite aligned with the spirit of Ashland, where we tend to do things our own way, and keep human aspects center stage.  I like that and I appreciate that. — Steve