Common Terminology Explained

Connecting your home and devices to the internet is very straightforward, but some of the common terminology used might make it seem more complicated than it is. Here’s a little cheat sheet to help you speak ‘internet’ fluently.

What Type of Router Do I Need?

In order to fully take advantage of Ashland Fiber Network’s upload and download speeds, it’s essential to choose a wireless router capable of delivering those speeds. If you have an older router, it’s probably not capable of delivering the speeds offered by AFN. Read this article to learn more about how to choose the best router for your needs.

Community WiFi Locations

As part of our commitment to keeping Ashland connected, we have five free community WiFi locations in the downtown corridor with more on the way.

Ashland Live Video Streams

Want to know what’s happening in downtown Ashland? We’ve got two live video streams to keep you connected. Our first camera provides a bird’s eye view of the Plaza and the second is located at the entrance to Lithia Park. Never miss another parade or event, even if you can’t be there in person!