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Twenty years ago, the City of Ashland began investing in the infrastructure and technology needed to support existing businesses and attract new businesses by providing access to the fastest internet anywhere. Today, Ashland Fiber Network provides Ashland businesses with internet services that equal or surpass those available in major metropolitan areas. We are committed to providing business owners with access to the tools you need in order to thrive in an increasingly connected world. AFN reinvests every dollar of revenue into ensuring that your business will always have access to the best technology available.

AFN Business

Up to 180 Mbps

With 180 Mbps download and 11 Mbps upload, this service is great for small businesses with up to 15 users.
$95/month - No Contract Req.

AFN Enterprise

Up to 220 Mbps

With 220 Mbps download and 26 Mbps upload, this service package is idea for businesses with high upload needs.

$125/month - No Contract Req.

Dedicated Fiber Line = 1000 Mbps

While our Business and Enterprise plans provide the speed most businesses need to thrive, we can also provide a direct fiber connection with up to 1GB upload and download speeds. We'd be happy to review the benefits and costs associated with a direct fiber connection, and help you figure out the best fit for your business needs.
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Sign Up Through Our Partner ISPs

If you're looking for a bundle of services - telephone, email, cable tv, then sign up with one of our partner Internet Service Providers (ISPs). We partner with these companies so you can have the freedom to choose exactly the services you need while still supporting Ashland Fiber Network and local businesses.
Computer Country Internet Service Provider

JeffNet Internet Service Provider


“Ashland Fiber Network has been providing fast, reliable internet for our coffee shop and patrons for several years. The service is so great that we signed up for home service too. With multiple users always needing to be online it’s been a perfect internet service for the business and the whole family. I really appreciate the fact that the money we spend with AFN stays in our local community.”

– Dustin Way, Owner Rogue Valley Roasting Company

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