About Ashland Fiber Network

The Ashland Fiber Network (AFN) was created in the late 1990s when a small group of local innovators decided to take control of the city’s destiny by building a telecommunications network. The Ashland Fiber Network is a community-owned infrastructure designed to provide a platform for showcasing local compassionate people, supporting local innovators and sharing our community’s unique independent way of living and thinking with the world.

AFN’s unique open access model means that the city owns, manages and maintains the telecommunications infrastructure, then leases it to preferred locally owned Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) so customers can choose between going with AFN directly or the partner ISP that best fits their needs. Unlike most Multiple System Operators (Charter, Century Link, etc.) 100 percent of the revenue generated from subscriptions stays in the community.

Choose Your Community. Choose AFN.

Ashland Fiber Network partners with every school district in Ashland and Southern Oregon University.

Ashland Fiber Network supports emergency services throughout the city.

We're continually installing new WiFi hot spots for increased access to free internet throughout Ashland.

We're helping medical services in Ashland and beyond to bring the best medical technology available to Southern Oregon.

Ashland Fiber Network provides internet access to the U.S. Cellular Community Park in Medford.

We're expanding! Ashland Fiber Network is coming to Talent in the near future.

I've been connected to AFN Internet for over a decade, enjoying super fast speeds, a reliable connection, friendly local customer service assistance, and super affordable rates. Ironically, I live in Ashland, one of the more affluent cities in Oregon. Yet my monthly Internet bill through AFN is $15 a month less than my friend's who lives in Portland. I'm saving $180 a year just by the fact I have AFN. Furthermore, I like that the money I spend with AFN stays in my community.