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Wouldn’t it feel great if 100% of the money you spent on your internet connection each month was reinvested in the community you love and care about?

Built by Our Community, for Our Community.

Ashland is one of only 178 communities across the nation that provides residents with a locally-owned, lightning-fast fiber optic infrastructure. By doing so, we’re guaranteeing that the businesses, residents, educators, medical facilities, emergency services and others who help make our community great, have access to the most advanced telecommunications technology available anywhere.
Fastest Internet in Southern Oregon

Fastest Internet in Southern Oregon

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Friendly, Dependable Customer Service

Reliable intenet connection

A  Reliable Connection You Can Count On


Fiber is the most advanced telecommunications technology available, providing lightning-fast download and upload speeds. Ashland’s Fiber Network consists of 40 miles of fiber cable and 119 miles of coaxial cable. We also keep our community connected through free Community WiFi and live video feeds of popular locations.

Connect to High-Speed, Reliable Internet Now

Our unique open-access model means that Ashland Fiber Network owns and manages the fiber optic infrastructure, and then leases the lines to locally-owned Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This means you can either purchase your service through AFN directly, or choose from one of the many packages offered by our partner ISPs:
Ashland Home Net ISP
Computer Country ISP
Infostructure ISP
Jeffnet ISP

By choosing a local internet provider, 100 percent of the revenue generated from your subscription stays in our community.

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State-of-the Art Infrastructure for the Future

At AFN, every decision we make involves planning for a better and more connected future. Ashland’s fiber network is designed to readily integrate with new technology, ensuring that we’re ready for the future the moment it arrives. Hundreds of businesses depend on Ashland's fiber network to keep pace with the information technology demands of today and tomorrow.
Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Rogue Valley Roasting Company
Ashland Food Coop
Ashland Art Center
Ashland Crossfit
Science Works
Ashland As You Like it

Choose Your Community. Choose AFN.

Ashland Fiber Network partners with every school district in Ashland and Southern Oregon University.

Ashland Fiber Network supports emergency services throughout the city.

We're continually installing new WiFi hot spots for increased access to free internet throughout Ashland.

We're helping medical services in Ashland and beyond to bring the best medical technology available to Southern Oregon.

Ashland Fiber Network provides internet access to the U.S. Cellular Community Park in Medford.

We offer rural wireless outside the Ashland city limits.  We also offer fiber services in limited areas of Talent, Phoenix, and Medford.  Call for more details.

I know it is quite rare for a town this size to have an infrastructure like AFN. To me there is something about it that is quite aligned with the spirit of Ashland, where we tend to do things our own way, and keep human aspects center stage. I like and appreciate that.