The majority of modem problems usually require some easy-to-follow, simple steps to correct the issue.


Here are some tips:


If you are experiencing a problem, first perform some basic triage.


Here are some real world past examples our field techs have encountered.


Did your home experience a recent electrical brownout or power surge, or power outage? (If so you'll need to reboot your modem. (See how below)


What changed recently that may have inadvertently created a problem?


Was some housekeeping performed? Did someone plug a vacuum cleaner into an electrical outlet and disconnected the modem power plug?


Did a small child or animal play around the area where your modem is situated and possibly disconnected the device’s power cable?


Do you use your modem or router as a footrest while you’re on your computer and disconnected either the power cable or the CAT5 connector to your computer?


Did you drive any overly long nails into your walls to hang pictures and possibly drove a nail into your coax cable inside your wall? 


Any recent construction or home remodeling activity that could have damaged your coax cable?


Problem - Unable to open browser:


A) Solution: If you're using one computer that is directly wired to the modem, your modem should have a connection light in either green or yellow. If you do not see this light, you should reboot your modem. Rebooting is a term for unplugging the power cord to the electrical outlet in the nearby wall plate. Unplug the power. Wait two minutes and replug.


B) Solution: If your home has multiple computers and you are using a router or wireless router.

First disconnect the power cable to your router and leave it disconnected while you perform the following step:

Reboot your modem. Remember to wait two minutes before you plug the power back into the wall outlet.

After your modem is powered back on, go to your router and reconnect the power plug into the wall outlet. Always plug in your modem first, wait a few minutes to plug in any device (router) downstream of the modem aftewards.


C) Solution: There are a significant number of modems which have a product feature of a button on the top of the modem to disconnect the device from the Internet. Look at your modem, is there a button (switch) on top? Did something happen prior to you losing your Internet connection, like house cleaning, or something bumped into the modem and accidentially hit this button?


After you performed the troubleshooting listed above, contact the appropriate AFN Retail Partner providing service to you. AFN's Retail Partners offer expert local technical support and friendly local customer service.

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